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How To Track Email Open Rates And Link Clicks

Email marketing is one of the most adopted and pitched method in current times and chances are it’s not getting replaced as quickly as the other conventional methods are fading out. Its considered to be the strongest medium for its of connivance of prompt delivery to a larger audience across the globe.

The success of marketing campaign depends on if it actually has been delivered to your audience and if it did, have they had really looked at it, if they did, how they have interacted with it. If you are engaged with email marketing your activity details are stored on servers database &  you can track statistics to compare your audience engagement for average email open rate & Click rate

As I mention in my previous post that WP Mail SMTP is a must have plugin & a perfect solution for sending emails reliably through your website, The good news is, if you have installed the pro version of  WP Mail SMTP, Now you can easily track your Email Opens and Clicks, Wait, it doesn’t stop here, now you can resend emails right from the WordPress email log if it was missed or not reached earlier.

In this article I will show you how quickly and easily you can setup “Track Email Open Rates” and “Link Clicks” in WP Mail SMTP

Install WP Mail SMTP

Setting up “Track Email Open Rates” and “Link Clicks” for your WordPress website requires you to have WP Mail SMTP Pro  plugin installed so you can easily start monitoring. (if don’t have WP Mail SMTP yet, Click Here get it now). Install & active WP Mail SMTP  from your Admin dashboard by following the regular procedure.

Choose Email Provider

If you installed and activated plugin just fresh, WP Mail SMTP Setup Wizard will open and will guide you through process, otherwise you can launch setup wizard by going to WP Mail SMTP >> Settings >> and click the Launch Setup Wizard button, WP Mail SMTP will display a list of email providers supported in the plugin, chose the mailer you want to use.

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Enable Open and Click Tracking

After completing the Wizard head to WP Mail SMTP >> Settings >> in here, click the Email Log tab to open email logging settings.

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To start keeping all record of the basic details about your emails firstly you need select the option Email Log. (put a check mark in the checkbox) And from this point onward Plugin will start keeping basic record of your email in the WordPress database.

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in the same panel you will have more option available here, now choose both logging options;

  • Open Email Tracking
  • Click Link Tracking

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That’s all, you have successfully enabled Open Email Tracking and Click Link Tracking for your website, there are more options available, you can enable any or all of them if you want.

View Opens and Clicks for Sent Emails

Now you can view email open and click analytics right from the Email Log page simply head to WP Mail SMTP » Email Log in the admin dashboard and see quick overview of audience engagement with your sent campaigns.

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if you want to see more details about an induvial email just click to open it in its own window and track all information about this email in one place.

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How to improve open rates

In email marketing, email open rate & click-through rate lets you evaluate the success of your campaign and tells you whether your message, Product, design, subject line are effective in capturing attention.

Subject line

Make you Subject line with impactful by use real and clear message you want to convey to your audience,  try personalizing emails by using merge tags in subject lines with each recipient’s name or their city or country.

Change your send frequency

Depending on your email marketing goals, you may send campaigns ten times a day or once a quarter. If your open rate is much lower than your industry’s benchmark, reconsider sending frequency.

Make links more effective

Avoiding using phrase “click here” as linking habit, as lot of subscribe may feel its a marketing trap and wont click, instead make a very clear and descriptive link to your leading pages so your audience clicks it with confidence.

That’s all guys, you have successfully enabled Open Email Tracking and Click Link Tracking in WP Mail SMTP  to keep record of every email sent from your WordPress website. For more tutorials and informative articles like this, keep visiting my blog and my YouTube channel. Happy Reading!!

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