For any service by us – you must agree to all of these terms below


We use variety of platforms in the web industry; like WordPress (Content management system), Drupal, Joomla, HTML5/CSS, PHP, Shopify,  Wix and so on. Whether it’s your simple personal online presence, a Presentation websites, Online catalog, Online Photo Album or Full-Fledged E-commerce website we will choose platform accordingly.


Domain name is the key to reach your website, it is also a brand that you will carry onward with association of your personal or business website.  Its very important that you choose appropriate domain name which represent your brand. We suggest our customers to purchase this themselves. It very simple, we can walk you through purchasing process or we could do it on your behalf but we can’t guaranty that you will get exact match what you are intended to purchase (that may have been taken already). A domain name cost on average $15.00 to 20 a year, cost of domain name billed sprite (if purchased by us)   


With our Advance and Pro packages and most of our maintenance plans we offer 1 year C Panel hosting free. This comes with 1 GB Disk Space and 5 GB Bandwidth.


We provide 1 Email with Basic package, 3 Emails with Advance and 5 Email with Pro free, these comes with limited space, but if you need to have unlimited space, then you can upgrade the email very easily. Please note that we might set up email for you, but we do not provide support for email and we are not responsible for your email services. (for DNS setup to 3rd party email servers, please contact their support) 


Once your website is finished and we have completed the service, we will be available for question or concerns. Please note that this is provided as a courtesy and not an obligation. We are in no way responsible for updates, changes, or modification after which the website is built.


We strongly recommend making sure your WordPress platform is updated, along with your WP Theme and WP Plugins for security reasons and for improvements. This is not our responsibility to do these unless your have a maintenance package with us.


We do not create, develop or modify any software that is used on your website. The software is added for the functionality of your website, for security and for performance. It is up to the developer of this software to come up with fixes, updates for security and performance and general changes. Therefore, you will not hold us responsible or liable for any issue what so ever as a result of the software used on your website.


Please note that we will do our best to make sure your site is optimized for the search engines. However, this is something we cannot guarantee and it takes time to get a good ranking in Google other search engines. When we build your website or upgrade your existing website, we are not responsible for the search results or standing for certain keywords in the search engines. We will do our best to the ability of our knowledge.


The use of our email system through your C panel hosting with us is at your OWN RISK. C Panel email is a good email system if used properly and is set up correctly and your password is secure and changed regularly. Please always keep your email, hosting, and website credentials SAFE and secure as these are your responsibility.

Email Spam Or Abuse – If we find that your email is being used for spamming others, we reserve the right to remove your email and possibly your website from our server. We will not tolerate any spamming to others. If you are receiving SPAM in your email, we might assist you with setting up a filter but this is your responsibility through your c panel account to set up and fight spam.

MALWARE AND VIRUS PROTECTION  – Always have a good antivirus / malware protection tool on you PCs and scan regularly. We do our best and there is never no guarantee that someone will NOT hack into your website, email or hosting. We takes precautions to try and prevent this from happening, but it does happen all around the world and websites and other login services do get infected/hacked all the time. Keeping passwords secure, files updated and backed up and credentials safe, will certainly lower the risk of being hacked by malware or viruses. We are NOT responsible for any website, hosting or email that may be infected with malware, spoofing, hacked files or viruses found on these services.

Terms and conditions -Updated on April – 2020

For any service by us – you must agree to all of these terms below

Thank you for your understanding